Celebrate Heaven is the second brand and extended product arm of Heaven’s Gift, the leading special events planners and party planners in Singapore. Since 2004, we have served many clients in the region other than Singapore, and have demonstrated the essence of planning a good party. We believe every moment in life ought to be celebrated not just in style, but in every true spirit and life. Be it for your wedding, birthdays, anniversaries or even a simple get-together with your loved ones, every party involves a good amount of planning and beautiful details to make it complete. In the midst of our busy schedule, we often are stressed with creating an event for our family. But it need not be so, the moment of celebrating with our family and loved ones is precious and ought to be celebrated regularly. Embracing the true essence of celebrations and making it close to heart, our team at Celebrate Heaven aims to make your celebrations filled with fun and style.

Today, we have brought close to home, a range of international brands with quality products that can meet your party planning needs. Party Planning is no longer hectic, you could enjoy good range of details from our series of collections at a simple step of few clicks. We will deliver your selections straight to your doorstep, even to your party tables. Celebrate Heaven is all about making celebrations a lifestyle.

Celebrate Heaven – Let’s fete in style!