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Party Décor and Props in Singapore

Planning a party becomes effortless with our range of décor props, which can be procured at just one go from the party specialists Celebrate Heaven. Select from whimsical treat carts, sparkling table gems, colourful treat boxes, quirky carriage clocks, customisable birthday banners, floral props such as a teapot vase, place card holders, photo booth props, and even post-boxes and mini windmills. Be it a birthday, slumber party, baby shower, anniversary celebration or any other momentous occasion, our selection of party props will complement specific themes and make the celebration a memorable one for you and your guests.

No special occasion is complete without the right set of props, which can rightfully be called the life of each party. We pay meticulous attention to the tiniest details, so that you can match your décor to your props as well as interiors. Our selection of props will not just heighten every celebration’s visual experience but also add a finishing touch to your party decorations. Sure to be a hit with children and guests alike, our elegantly-crafted party supplies add a much-needed dose of pizzazz to each celebration!

Everything from a village fete to a garden party can be celebrated with great oomph with our party décor and props.

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